Parental Control Features of Norton – Importance and Features

Today we live in a world where everything is stored on the web. Our digital identities are entangled with the physical ones. However, every innovation comes with its own drawbacks. Cyberworld made a shrinkage in time and space possible but made our digital identities vulnerable.

Hence, every time you surf the internet, it saves your IP address and some other personal information. And here comes the need for an antivirus.

Why pick NortonParental Control Features of Norton

Norton security software provides protection against any kind of threats that might harm your device. It offers three types of packages of protection to your digital world. Norton has standard, deluxe and premium cyber safety package. Plus, it comes with additional parental control features. If you are wondering why you need parental control features then this article will answer your question.

Reason to use Parental Control features of Norton

Today most parents ask the same question – how much digital freedom their kids should have. Neither you can’t restrict your kids from using the internet nor you can let them surf whatever they want. In situations likes this Norton’s parental control can be your savior.

Accordingly, parental control features of Norton anti-virus is a particular feature that allows you to restrict or limit your kid’s internet usage. You can restrict certain websites. This eliminates the hassle of finding out about your kid’s internet activities. Let’s explore five reasons why you want to use parental control features.


First and foremost reason for using parental control is cyber-safety. The improvements in technology are making way for crime as well. Cyber-crime is flourishing every day. Therefore making internet users vulnerable. This includes exposing your personal data as well as making people commit certain crimes. With Norton’s parental control features, you don’t have to worry about compromising your cyber-safety.


Time management

The Internet can be pretty addictive. Even adults become addicted to social media and certain sites without realizing. If you are worried about the screen time then your solution can be this parental control feature. finally, with this, you can limit the time span of internet surfing for your kids and yourself too. If you are afraid that you are becoming addicted to the internet then you can use restrict yourself as well.


Cyber-etiquettes refers to the manners regarding the internet. Accordingly, hacking, breaching into some restricted websites, reading other’s personal contents, etc fall under the denial of cyber-etiquettes. You can use Norton’s parental control option to monitor cyber-etiquettes of your child. So, with this, you can make sure no one can use your device to commit cyber-crime as well.

Data backup

All your data is important for you. Losing them can cause you real trouble. Therefore, backing up your data is a ‘must do’ thing for you. Thus, backing up data can save you in cases of accidental deletion, malware or technical glitches. Norton’s parental control features offer protection of your digital substances.

Online reputation

Digital world stores every piece of information. The cyber-world never forgets anything. Even the information you deleted is never really gone. Although it apparently looks like its gone from the web yet you can’t erase it permanently. Therefore, managing your online image is necessary too. Impression management is no longer limited to the physical world only.

Parental Control feature is of the utmost importance nowadays as the Internet is very easily accessible to Children. So, Norton updates it’s parental control quite often to improve the safety and security of its young users. Hope this article was helpful in guiding you on why you should choose¬†parental control features of Norton.


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