Know How To Update BitDefender Parental Control On Your Kid’s Device – Complete Guide

All of us are acquainted with random adult content on various websites. At times, a normal site might bring you down to a pop up leading to popular adult websites. There is no doubt about the fact that your child being a novice internet user might come across such websites or advertisements. The Internet is such an important element that you cannot detach it from children’s lives. Instead, what you can and should do, is to block the harmful contents from playing with your child’s innocence. How can you do that?

Bitdefender is a smart antivirus app, and like all the leading Internet security applications, it also supports Parental control. This feature can block adult content from your child’s account or device. You can unlock or lock the feature with passwords. Not only adult content, if you think any particular website is not suitable for your child’s use, you can remove it from his/her searchable websites.

What do you need to activate Parental Control in your child’s device?

You need to perform two tasks before you can activate Bitdefender parental control to safeguard your children. This feature can be activated in a computer’s secondary account. If there is only one admin account for both you and your child, then you need to allow a new account for the younger one. Keep the admin account for yourself and protect it with a password.

Secondly, you need to have access to any one of Bitdefender’s paid desktop products among the latest Internet security or Total Security software. Once you purchase the product key, install the application and activate it on your PC, you can carry on with the special feature of Parental control.

Interesting Features of BitDefender Parental Control:

If you feel the need to monitor your child’s social activities for a valid reason, Bitdefender allows you to take complete actions with that. You can do the following things with the help of your multipurpose internet security app:

  • Activate email notifications for your child’s activities
  • Monitor your child’s Facebook actions
  • Activate geolocation tracking services for your child’s mobile device
  • Restrict internet for children’s account
  • Go through the search history of your child’s internet surfing

BitDefender Parental Control

Steps to keep the parental control interface activated:

Provided you have already created a separate account for your child, you can log in to it from your computer any time. You only need to follow these steps one-by-one:

  1. Open the official BitDefender website and log in to your Bitdefender account
  2. Go to the option of Parental control and select the option of “add child”
  3. Enter the name of your child, his age and gender details. Bitdefender will automatically load the appropriate changes and customizations according to the specifications you provide.
  4. Below you will find the option to link other devices, for example, your child’s mobile phone. If the devices are already there, then you simply have to select them under the control specifications.


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