What is Remote Code Execution & How does it Affect Your CCTV-DVR System?

Security systems, as you know, are quite effective in maintaining the privacy and security of your property. But, they can also be used to spy on the area where you’ve set them up. As it happens, hackers have a wide range of means to breach your CCTV system. Once they’re successful in doing that, they’ll try to take control over it and steal its data.

They are quite commonly used for remote code execution. In case you haven’t heard about it before, it’s quite a serious security threat. So, it can cause quite a lot of damage if your CCTV system falls victim to it. The upcoming information should help you know more about this threat and how to deal with it.

How does Remote Code Execution Work?

The latest CCTV systems usually come with effective security measures against hacking. Yet, they have certain vulnerabilities as well. So, you can still find many instances of CCTV hacking out there. You must keep your security camera up-to-date by hiring a reliable CCTV repair Dubai. And, that should help you reduce the threats to it.

Now, your security system server might have certain weaknesses in it. Hackers can exploit some of these loopholes to run malicious code on the server. Moreover, this attack is quite difficult to detect on your security system. So, hackers can cause a lot of damage to your DVR CCTV system with this attack.

They might run various commands on your security system by exploiting this vulnerability. However, they can’t run just any command that they want to. So, there are certain limitations even if they gain access to your CCTV server. Yet, they can steal or corrupt quite a lot of data, after all.

Why do Hackers target your Security Camera System?

Cybercriminals may have various motives to break into devices and systems. They might use the system you have installed for business espionage and other such purposes. After all, it’s an effective way to gather sensitive information.

What do they do with the information that they gather? In case you’re wondering, they might sell it or use it for some nefarious purposes. And, that can cause considerable damage, especially to businesses. So, you must ensure optimal protection for your security camera system.

How do You know whether the CCTV-DVR System is Hacked?

You might see certain signs when an unauthorised person accesses your CCTV cameras. These can help you significantly in detecting a cyberattack on your security system’s server. So, remote code execution isn’t impossible to detect even though it’s difficult.

Here are some common signs which might indicate unauthorised access to your security cameras:

The LED Light is On

The latest CCTV cameras usually feature LED lights for informing you of unauthorised access. These lights will turn on whenever a hacker successfully breaches and controls the system. Now, you probably don’t keep your eyes on the LED light all the time. But, you must check it once in a while. And, that can often help you detect a hacked system on time.


Do you see your CCTV camera panning or tilting automatically? If yes, then it might have been hacked. This sign is easier to notice in bullet cameras. But, for dome security cameras, you can’t detect in which direction the lens is pointing. So, they come with a disadvantage in this regard. 

You can’t log into your Security Camera

Hackers can often change the password for your CCTV system. In such cases, you’d obviously fail to log into it. You must reach out to an expert to find a solution in such situations. As an alternative, you can simply reset your security camera. Then, you can use the default password to log in to its server. 

Unusual Data Traffic

Your security system sends and receives a certain amount of data while working. Most of the latest systems come with measures to monitor this traffic. You can use this feature to detect whether someone else is controlling your security cameras. And, for that, you usually have to go to its app. Do you find unusual data traffic? Then, your security system is probably hacked.

Other Signs

You can also check the login history in your security camera’s app. It would show you all the logins made within a particular span of time. And, that usually includes unauthorised ones as well. So, you can often use this method to detect whether your CCTV system is hacked. Apart from that, you must also keep your ears open for strange noises coming from your security camera.

How do you Prevent Unauthorised Access to your CCTV System?

Now that you’ve gone through the threat, you’d want some ways to deal with it. So, here are some essential methods to protect your business and home security cameras from hackers:

Use Reliable Equipment

You must give enough importance to the quality of the camera and other components of the system. They should be reliable, and you must hire a competent CCTV installation Dubai to install them. After all, bad quality equipment will only increase the vulnerability of your security system. 

Keep the Firmware Up-to-date

The firmware plays a crucial role in your CCTV system security. So, you must always keep it up-to-date. Depending on the model you’re using, you might have to do that manually. This is an important step in which you must invest your time.

Set Strong Passwords

This is a simple yet effective way to protect your CCTV cameras. Your security system might have the optimal security features. But, it’s not safe unless it has a formidable password. Also, you must change the password from default to a customised one as soon as possible.

Seek Expert Advice and Help

You should follow the aforementioned crucial methods to protect your CCTV system. But, they probably aren’t enough for that purpose. So, you must seek out experts to know some advanced security measures. Also, you should immediately reach out to them if you detect an attack on your CCTV system.

Darren Johnshon