iPhone X Delivery date and Important features

Apple X iPhone launching date is nearing and so are the rumors surfacing about the issues regarding the production of the device. The latest feature of facial recognition is said to be creating trouble. The global demand for the device is highest and is expected that the company will not be able to meet the claim. Online buyers are already queued up and the company claims that it is prepared with stock for the walk-in customers to the Apple store.

The buzz in the air is that the device’s face recognition feature has compromised on the accuracy score, and so the manufacturing glitch has been overcome. The Wall Street journals and analysts are in the wait and watch situations and so are the fan blogs.

The 3D Sensors

It is the main aspect of the feature. It actually perceives the image and recognizes it. It is after approval of the sensor, the iPhone can be unlocked. But the technology was with global giant Microsoft Corp’s controller. The Xbox support is used to detect the gamer’s movement. Everything was perfect but to fit in the Kinect (the controller used by Xbox) which is of a large notebook size in a minuscule space was a challenge.


Also, the 3D sensors have 3 vital elements which needed to be squeezed in the space measuring in millimeters. The action of the sensors also requires working in sync in seconds that too frequently as the device needs to be unlocked frequently. So the challenge is too much and the company has rightly reduced the accuracy of the device to meet the demand.

Apple’s Promise to Bring Revolution Once Again:

The CEO of Apple has summoned the production issue as a challenge which the company is geared up to face. He says that it is always been the company’s aim to infuse humanity in each and every product from the company, and this feature is the best of all they have till date.

He is optimistic that it will change the way the world is operating be it business, leisure or any activity. He takes us back to the time when the app store was launched, and people actually dismissed it as the potential was not determined.

So it can be rightly said that Apple is good at creating global buzz with its product and even shortcomings as well.

From Where You Can Buy Your iPhone X?

No guesses for this, we know Apple sells the best on the online platform. But this time there is a different scenario. The face recognition feature will lure its customers in the walk in store for virtual experience. So the stores are all stocked and are urging the customers to visit early as they might be disappointed if the stock runs out for late arrivals.

Globally more than 55 countries and territories are also ready to cater their customers and all are ready with the iPhone X. the company is ready for the global launch on 3rd of November and the reality for the face recognition feature will be disclosed after the device is available for use.

iPhone Alternatives with Similar Features: 

Samsung, the major competitor for Apple iPhone, is always striving hard to win the demand but the iPhone has managed to survive since long. The reasons are many fold, firstly Samsung, the South Korean company, rely mostly on its channel partners to sell its product whereas Apple reaches directly. The personal touch with the user also creates the edge over the products which the Apple provides to its users.

The straight and open management structure of Apple also connects to the users immediately and so there is a relation between the product and user. Well, we can rightly say that the Apple X has all the reasons to enjoy the attention it is receiving globally. Even if the rumors for compromise of the face recognition feature is surfacing, the sales are expected to be record-breaking as it has been with all the previous iPhone launches.

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