Problems with Google’s Email Filters: Warning against Occurrence of Spamming

Google’s Email Filters

Recently, Gmail is suffering from its filter problems which are quite a consideration for its users. The filter function is not working properly and as a result, explicit emails containing malicious materials are directly entering into the users’ inbox. 

The spam messages are actually in the form of emails that can lead to spamming. They also have a tagline “not safe for work”. In general, these messages come directly into your spam folder of Gmail. And, spammers are taking advantage of this problem.

Why did this problem take place?

In Gmail, there is a default setting for the email filter. The filter restricts the spam messages from entering your email inbox. The algorithm in the spam filter might be affected by bugs and that is why it is not functioning properly. On the other hand, there might be certain sophisticated malware that is responsible for it. 

Predictions about Gmail Filter Functions

Users of Gmail have a lot of questions bothering them. They are predicting whether the Gmail spam filter is totally shut down by Google or not. In addition to that, there are also a few users who are predicting that the Gmail spam filter might be broken. Google will answer all of these questions after fixing the error. 

Chances of Additional Problems 

Users who are using Windows 10 mail applications are also facing various other problems. Specifically, the ones, whose mail applications are directly linked with Google. Furthermore, when someone is sending an email, the sent email is disappearing and it cannot be traced at all. They have also checked the section of sent items but still cannot find the sent mails. All are getting deleted automatically. Thus, the Windows updated Mail application is getting corrupted.

Fixing Measures taken by Google and Microsoft

Google has stated that a particular set of users are facing this issue. While fixing the issue, Google has faced many difficulties in the Asian section (India). Reports say that few internet connections are down for a couple of hours. However, even after fixing the issue, users from certain parts of the world are still confronting this problem.  

Google also stated that if someone is still facing issues with the Windows mail application, then they can remove their Gmail account from the application. After that, reinstall the Gmail account by using Gmail’s manual IMAP settings guide. Users will be able to recover their sent emails thereafter. 

There are few users who reported that the new and updated version of Windows mail has bugs and that is why this problem is recurring. After reporting the entire matter to Microsoft and Google, both of them are looking forward to fixing the glitches as soon as possible.