Apple Slashed Trade-In Value: Expensive Shock for Users


Apple doesn’t compromise with technology when it manufactures iPhone. Breaking all the boundaries, the multi-national mobile giant is planning to release seven new iPhone models this year. It will be the biggest and remarkable generation leap. But, somehow people get disappointed as the model designs leaks before the release. 

This year, Apple decided to slash off all the trade-in prices for its upcoming iPhones. The mobile giant is targeting those people who are planning to upgrade their handsets this year. If you are planning to get a new iPhone, then there is a high chance to lose a greater amount of money. 

Who will get the Benefits?

The existing iPhone users will get the benefits while exchanging their old iPhone with a new one. This upgrade process will help them save a good amount of money. Apple also has stated that the Apple handset that you are going to exchange must be in good condition. Moreover, all the accessories must be present along with it. 

What about the other Apple users?

Not only Apple has decided to slash down the trade-in prices of its latest iPhones but also iPads too. Unfortunately, there are no changes in the prices of MacBook and iWatches. The one who is using an old version of Apple iPads can follow the same step just like the iPhone users. Apple might be declaring the facts about MacBooks and iWatches every soon. 

Apple’s Real Story behind the Price Reduction

There are mainly two reasons why Apple is slashing down the trade-in prices of iPhones and iPads. You have to understand that there are terms and conditions behind this exchange and price drop. 

First, observe and understand that there is a term “up to” present. It actually indicates that if the device is in perfect working condition, then only you will get the exchange price. By any means, if your phone has some wear and tear, then the exchange price will drop. 

Second, there is a high possibility of an increase in price when the iPhone 12 launches. So, there is a limited time and opportunity for all the existing iPhone users. And, the prime reason behind all these is that these models will be of the older generation. 

New Variant on its Way…

Experts say that iPhone 12 will be one of the most revolutionary mobile phones of Apple. Its features and accessories will be a remarkable experience for Apple users. Meanwhile, if you are waiting for the upgrade of the iPhone 11, then you can wait till the iPhone 12 comes into the picture. This might turn out to be a smart move for you as well.