What Should You Do With a Swollen Laptop Battery?

Nowadays, most advanced laptops contain lithium-ion batteries. Though, these batteries offer an average of 3-4 years of battery longevity. But, over time, due to consistent usage, lithium-ion batteries can swell. As a result, you have to replace the laptop battery within a year or two.

Don’t use a laptop that has a swollen battery; that can be risky. Instead, remove the lithium-ion battery and consider disposing of it in the e-waste. However, the removal of a swollen laptop battery requires a professional’s intervention. So, it will be better to take the laptop to the nearby laptop repair shop.

More than 30% of laptop users continue using the device with a bloated battery. But, that can not only cause further damage to the laptop. Also, it can catch fire and might even explode when the laptop is on.

Thus, to prevent these unprecedented events, opt for an immediate battery replacement. You might find a hefty number of authorised laptop battery replacement companies. Choose the best one and get a compatible battery for the device.

Major Indications of a Swollen Laptop Battery

Well, it is not that difficult to identify a laptop battery that has been swelled. But, sometimes, you might need the help of a laptop repair services Dubai expert. Usually, when the battery expands, you might face hindrances while using the keyboard. Some of the keys might even stop functioning. Moreover, the touchpad could also start to protrude. You will notice that the laptop is wobbling when you put it on a flat surface. Sometimes, the laptop chassis can bend a little if the battery swells.

If you know how to open the cover of the laptop, check the battery condition. Is the battery looking puffy or rounded? Then, the chances are high that the battery has swelled. And, don’t forget to take safety precautions while inspecting the battery. The experts of Laptop Repair Dubai recommend using eye protection while removing the battery. You can reach out to them and install a new lithium-ion battery now.

Potential Causes behind a Swollen Laptop Battery

Before replacing the swollen battery, it is important to acknowledge the reasons behind it. Due to overcharging, you can experience this battery problem. Usually, when excessive heat and gas are released, it expands the laptop batteries. This is why you should avoid charging the device for more than 3-4 hours.

Moreover, lithium-ion batteries become more vulnerable in high temperatures. So, you should never power up the devices at high voltages. It will help you to prevent further battery swelling issues.

Additionally, swelling can be caused by a malfunctioned laptop battery. After an accidental drop, the battery can also bulge. In certain circumstances, hire experienced laptop repair services Dubai professional. Make sure to mention the laptop brand and model while booking their experts. Get the right battery for the laptop and improve the workflow.

Is an Old Laptop Battery Susceptible to Swelling? 

Have you used the laptop for more than 2-3 years? Then, it is high time to replace the laptop battery. Because an old laptop battery increases the possibility of swelling. A lithium-ion battery contains at least 3 cells. Sometimes, the deep discharging can damage these battery cells. So, if you want the laptop battery to last longer, stop over-discharging. And, for further recommendations, contact the Laptop Repair Dubai experts.

What are the Best Ways to Deal with a Swollen Laptop Battery?

A swollen laptop battery can bring a lot of inconveniences in the long run. And, for this, the laptop might stop working in the middle of important work. Moreover, if you are still using the device while charging, then that can be more dangerous. Once you find out that the battery is swollen, turn off the device instantly.

Don’t turn it on until the defective laptop battery is replaced. Most of the laptop owners consider throwing away the swallowed batteries. But, that is what you should not do in the first place. Instead, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Opt for Removing the Battery 

You might have thought about removing the battery in the first place. But, without the necessary tools, it will be difficult to perform that. Moreover, you might end up damaging the internal component of the device. So, book an appointment with Laptop Repair Dubai for safe battery removal. Their professionals can take out the lithium-ion batteries without puncturing them.

Do you know how to deal with a bulging battery? Then, don’t provide excessive force on the battery while removing it with the metal tools. Because it can start a chemical reaction that is harmful to an individual’s health. Once you remove the battery, put that in a safe place. And, make sure it is not near any flammable object. 

  • Take the Battery to an Authorised Recycling Company

A damaged lithium-ion battery can cause environmental hazards. These sorts of batteries can lead to landfill fires. Thus, instead of disposing of it in a garbage truck, look for a battery collection or recycling centre. It will be the best way to dispose of the swollen battery without any risk of fire hazards. Simply, search “recycling centres near Dubai” and find a reliable one. Make sure to go through the guidelines they follow in the agency. And, don’t forget to check the protocols you have to follow to bring the battery.

How Can You Prevent Laptop Batteries from Getting Swelled up?

There are numerous ways through which you can avoid this battery failure issue. Keep the laptop in such a place where the temperature is low. Stop using too many applications simultaneously in the device. It can swell the laptop battery within a short span. Additionally, laptop users need to use high-quality chargers. It will save the battery from bulging without any hurdle.

Make sure to buy laptops from authorised laptop centres. And, if you’re buying a device from an e-commerce site, check its rating. Whenever you get an unpleasant smell from the battery, take professional help immediately.

Darren Johnshon