New iPhone Design: Apple’s Most Overlooked Upgrade So Far


Trending news is looming about the launch of Apple iPhone 12 design. Tons of questions are emerging along with it, whether the device will be Apple’s biggest upgrade or not? What is the reason for making this drastic change in the upcoming iPhone models? And, Apple is going to answer all these questions with the launch of the iPhone 12. 

The changes will be completely different from the older iPhone devices. The mobile giant started making these types of changes since the release of the iPhone X in the year 2017. From then onwards the changes are taking shape gradually to the higher level. 

Apple Grants the Wish List

While using the iPad Pro and iPhone 5, users have requested Apple for cutting edge and flatter angles in the latest device. Finally, Apple is willing to keep with all these requests. The iPhone 12 is said to incorporate a flawless design. Moreover, the facility of finding the device remotely is also on the way with the iPhone. 

The Design and Specifications 

As the design is inspired by iPad Pro and iPhone 5, the iPhone 12 comes with a spectacular rear camera (triple). The camera also contains LiDAR sensors. These sensors will help the users of the iPhone 12 to capture 3D mapping of the image from a very long distance. In addition to that, massive implications are also there with augmented reality applications. 

Now, coming to the video recording quality, the device will have the ability to record 4K Ultra HD video in a variety of fps (frames per second). The 120 and 240 fps video recording ability will record slow-motion video. The functionalities are already in iOS 14 which is on its way with iPhone 12 and is yet to reach the users. The Apple A14 chipset will be performing just like MacBook pro which is said to make a headline in every news channel. 

Along with the performance, iPhone 12 comes with the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. It also has the ProMotion capabilities that will refresh the screen as fast as Hz. And, the most interesting part is that the network technology will include the 5th Generation (5G) across all the range.