Know How BitDefender Parental Control Lets You Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Account Activities

Facebook is one of the widely used social networking sites for all the youngsters. Take any age, all of them use Facebook. Access to Facebook is very easy. Today kids aging to be 15-16 have a smartphone or have access to a computer at home, hence, they also have a facebook account. Though Facebook has age limitation starting from the year 1998 people can open an account. But that is not enough as kids below 1998 provide this year as their birth year. The Facebook website has no way to authenticate this information. It becomes difficult to keep a check on what these kids are viewing on Facebook.facebook activity

As they age they want to do things independently, broaden the circle, make new friends, get in touch with people they do not know etc. Virtual world seems to be glamorous and attractive. But, then there are threats awaiting to grab the child’s social attention. Do not ever think that you or your child’s virtual activity is protected just because there is a screen in between you both. But it is another world where though the opposite is invisible holding power to make huge loses. Parents of kids aged 13-17 are tensed and its natural too. What you can do is, install Bitdefender Parental control on your child’s phone and then see the magic.

Why restrict social site account?

First and the foremost internet is a mix of good and bad content. Now, it is an open field which is accessible to anyone and everyone. No one is watching where you surf and what you see. With increasing societal demands, a child who is 14-15 years of age possesses a smartphone. That leads him/her to this open field. Parents might be figuring out how to keep a check on that. Let us not wait anymore and take a look at how exactly you can do it

BitDefender Parental Control

Bitdefender Parental Control

This is an online security which helps parents to keep a check on their child’s phone activities including social media sites. You can control access to specific websites that you do not want your child to even come across by mistake. You need to go through the following steps to get gold of this application.

Firstly, download MyBitdefender account on your child’s phone. Create an account by arranging a name and password.

You will see a dashboard, open Parental Control and click on it

Secondly, go to the left-hand side of the page and select your child’s profile on ‘Add Child’. Connect this account to the Facebook tab by opening the Facebook section on the left panel.

Now use the respective link to install the Bitdefender Parental control on your kid’s phone. To execute the entire process make sure you have all the necessary credentials of your kid’s facebook profile.

You can also cease to check the account by simply unlinking all the processes that you performed earlier

You can connect your Bitdefender account with the Bitdefender Parental Control.

Hope that this article helps to make sure you keep a check on your child’s facebook accessing whenever needed.


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