How To Block Unwanted Apps Using Bitdefender Parental Control

Indeed, it’s difficult to deal with your children’s curiosity. Especially, when it comes to gadgets and other tech-related things. Often, you try to prevent your kids from accessing specific apps and websites. Although security systems are there, there is hardly 100% efficiently. Some provide you with control over your computer, while others let you secure your mobile from the kids. However, its difficult for any parental control system to provide both perfectly.

However, welcome the beginning of the end. Don’t be confused yet! I mean, the end of your worries. You have Bitdefender Parental Control as you new personal mercenary. It lets you establish control over the types of applications and websites that your kids can access.

Now, do I have your attention? Let’s know more about how to block specific apps using this!

BitDefender Parental Control

Bitdefender Parental Control

With this, you get to authorize how your kid uses your computer. And it’s not just limited to blocking specific apps and websites. Indeed, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter tend to be a massive part of this generation. This has a potentially damaging role in any kid’s life. Therefore, you also get to control their social networking accounts.

Before you set about on your blocking mission, you need a few necessary things.

First, create a MyBitdefender account. Indeed, you can do this through a computer as well as your mobile.

Also, you need to make an independent Windows account for yours. This is equivalent to two shots with one arrow. Your kid remains content that he gets to have fun on the internet. However, you are in the back seat executing the drive.

Block Unwanted Apps Using Bitdefender Parental Control

Guide to block specific apps using Bitdefender Parental Control

You can prevent any unwanted apps by using the Application Control. For example, you are aware of adult advertisements showing up on a particular application. Thanks to Bitdefender Parental Control, you don’t have snatch away the phone and act all weird anymore.

The following step-by-step guide informs you how to utilize the feature.

  • First, enable Internet connection in whatever device you are using.
  • Next, go to your website browser and access
  • In case you don’t have a MyBitdefender account, create one. If your kid is a genius cum “smart enough to be a hacker”, go for a unique password.
  • Then, go to your dashboard by choosing the Parental Control option.
  • You can see your child’s profile on the menu on the left side. Click on it.
  • Next, go to the Applications panel and get hold of the Application Activity window.
  • Turn on the Application Activity.
  • Finally, coming to what you have been waiting for. Go to the Blacklist option.
  • You can restrict unwanted apps on your Android by using the Allow Apps option.
  • If you are using Windows, drop in the unwanted apps in the Block Apps list. Start relaxing by clicking on the Block option.

Bid farewell to worries with Bitdefender!

Indeed, childhood should be remembered as an album of love and care-free days. Certainly, you don’t need to plague it with malware and adulterated apps. Therefore, Bitdefender Parental Control is the one-stop ticket to relief-land for parents!


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