Know How To Set Up Quick Heal Parental Control Feature

Quick heal is a well-known security provider software. This Indian product is providing pro-level IT security solution since 1995. Quick heal is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android. Therefore, this is one of the best security software to date.

Importance of Quick Heal parental controlquick heal

The Internet can be an amazing resource as well as the place for inappropriate content. Everyone is pretty much aware of the dark side of the web now. Not having a parental control can is basically allowing your children to browse whatever they want.

Cyber-bullying and other cyber-crimes can be dangerous. The web is filled with internet-predators and harmful apps. Hence, protecting your children from these is becoming harder day by day. Parental control tools make monitoring the activities on the web easier for you. With this, you can make sure your kid never turns into another victim of the web.

Accordingly, you can use parental control to limit your internet surfing time as well. This will keep you from becoming social media or web addict. Additionally, this can provide security to your personal information from hackers. So, parental control is not only used to limit and monitor web activities of children but adults as well.

Setting up Quick Heal parental control

To make your browsing safe and secure its always better to use anti-virus or security software. Quick Heal offers some parental control features which help you limit or restrict the usage of internet in your device. This is not only useful for children but also for making sure no one uses your device for cyber-crime. In order to set up Quick Heal parental control, you can follow these steps.

Step 1

In order to set parental control first, you have to install Quick heal anti-virus. You can use Quick Heal CD or Quick Heal setup for installation. Wait till the installation is complete and then run a scan. You can restart your device in case you face any troubles in installation. After the installation, the software will require some permissions. Allow it the necessary permission and hit ‘I agree’ on the terms and conditions page.

Step 2

Once the software is installed you can find an option called ‘Parental control’ in it. Inside the parental control option, you will find settings.  It will give you two options, ‘for all users’ and ‘for specific users’. You can decide which one you want.

Step 3

Once you pick one option it will show you a dialogue box. Now you can see different restriction options. Beside the options, you can find deny or allow button. Apply deny or allow options depending on the categories you want to set restrictions on. Once you are done with setting your parental control hit ‘ok’ option.

Quick Heal parental control


You can customize your block list with Quick Heal as well. Again, you can select which Apps and websites you want to block. You can restrict the time limit for surfing the net as well. You can set a schedule according to your need for using the internet too. However, once you are done with setting up all the don’t forget to select save changes. Unless you save your changes you have to repeat the process again.

Quick Heal is one of the leading brands when it comes to Antiviruses. And its Parental Control has been updated to improve the safety and security of the users, especially the children who use the Internet a lot. Hope this article will help you to Setup the Quick Heal Parental Control and enjoy its security features.


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