Internet Safety- Parental Control for Mozilla Firefox

Providing a secure and safe environment for your child to surf on the internet is one of the most important things for you as a parent. It is essential for you to ensure that your child does not stumble upon objectionable or inappropriate online content and violent images. Internet Safety holds a high importance in today’s world of technology.

Considering the safety of your child while using the internet and its many browsers is a major concern especially when this type of information is just a click away.

Add-On Extensions for Blocking Objectionable Content on Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, parents get the option of using add-on extensions in the tools section of the toolbar for finding applications that help in blocking content. These add-ons can easily be found in the toolbar that opens up the extension web page of Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Safety

These add ions need to be installed in the Firefox browser. Once installed, the browser needs to be restarted for activating the add-ons.

Some of the best add-ons for Mozilla Firefox include ProCon, Gubble, FoxFilter, and LeechBlock.

Web Filtering and Parental Controls on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox checks the parental controls on the computers of the users and sets itself to Safe Mode. The entire procedure automatically helps in turning on the safety feature on all the websites a child would be visiting.

However, this would happen only when the parental controls for Firefox are active on the computer. This is a feature that can even be turned off but only by using a password-protected parental setting on the operating system.

This is highly advantageous because even if your child tries to deactivate the parental control feature on Firefox, he or she would not be able to do so.

The Benefit of Setting Up Internet Safety on Mozilla Firefox

One of the greatest benefits of setting up Internet Safety on Mozilla Firefox is that parents get the ability to manage the sites that they want their kids to access and the ones that they do not want their kids to access when they are using the internet. The Mozilla Firefox internet browser does not have it’s very own inbuilt parental controls.

Mozilla Firefox Parental Control

However, this does not mean that parents cannot set parental controls for their children who use this browser. Parents have the option of installing a third-party extension for filtering explicit matter and content on the internet.

Once the parental control add-on for Mozilla Firefox is installed, parents can create a very secure and safe environment for their child simply by editing certain security and safety features that come included with the add-on.

Based on these security features that parents would like to get installed on their browsers, they might have to spend a few bucks.


While Mozilla Firefox does not have its inbuilt parental controls. The scalability of this internet browser allows parents to implement several options for ensuring the safety of their kids online.

Mozilla Firefox Control

It is only because of this reason that Mozilla Firefox has been successful in living up to the expectations of its users. Speaking of Internet Safety, it is probably considered one of the most trustworthy internet browsers.


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