Know How To Install BitDefender Parental Control on Android

Bitdefender is a cybersecurity application.  It is a total solution for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. One important feature is it helps to monitor the child’s usage of online applications.  You can use Bitdefender Firewall basically adds an extra layer of security to your Android device and blocks probable maligned sites. Install BitDefender parental control on android can be a good option.

Why need parental control or lock?

Today’s generation takes a huge leap on the knowledge of developments regarding Android and its applications. The online world is getting more open for children. This has both its pros and cons.  The child is open to the internet with loads of productive information, on the other hand, it also opens the way of entering into wrong websites. As a matter of fact, it becomes important for the parents to install some sort of lock on the Android device.

What better can it be than installing an online parental control?  This makes sure that your children cannot access the sites or apps which are not meant for them. Even if they reach them by mistake, it will be locked.

BitDefender Parental Control on Android

There are several ways by which you can filter the web for children

You can use your Router for installing the parental lock. The router actually works as the center through which all your internet traffic is released. So, if you configure your router then you can control and work on all devices not only your Android.  Open DNS, this means transforming your router’s server settings> Open DNS. After this, you can choose the desired website you wish to block for the child.

Windows 7 has an inbuilt parental lock that helps the user to lock certain programs it can use. This helps the child’s account from the parent’s account.

Windows 10 has integrated controls by introducing Family Setting, you can change the settings from there.

You can check with the Bitdefender software. The BitDefender parental control on android online security suites has built-in parent lock systems. Get a security suite installed on your computer, inspect built-in parental controls.

Bitdefender to your rescuebitdefender

  • Make sure you download MyBitdefender on your child’s phone, create an account for your children
  • You can create the block sites list by using Parental control online interface
  • You can log in to by MyBitdefender authorization
  • Make a p[rofile for your children and activate device administration
  • Select accept to finish the installation project

With this, you can now monitor your child’s Facebook, track their location, SMS and call blocking systems, help limit the time of the online usage.

Safeguard your kids from the gross websites. Get a track of the Android browser.

Tips for a more secure online platform for your children

Bitdefender has now updated to an advanced Threat defense program. It is a proactive version which uses an advanced heuristic way to fight to detect the malicious sites and other new hazards in the real time. The parental lock detects mistrustful behavior. This increases the inspection capacity but does not hampers the application’s performance.

So, now with BitDefender parental control on Android, you can have a secure online platform for your children and yourself. Have a safe internet surfing and do not worry about any skeptical thoughts.


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