How to Switching From Firefox to Chrome: A User Guide

Evergrowing Google a tech giant globally, has the most popular web browser but I think it’s time for you to switch from chrome to Firefox. When Google chrome is busy with ad blockers, most of the users are concerned about the corporate overreach and privacy models. 

In the age of the Internet, your privacy and data security are what matters the most, and if your default web browser Chrome is hardly taking action or making other moves, you must move on to Mozilla Firefox.

The Washington Post recently defined Chrome as “ a lot like surveillance software” due to its lack of privacy and depth in advertising. Also, they added that “citing the browser’s habit of automatically signing you in if you use Gmail in order to serve better-targeted advertising”.

Privacy advocates criticize Google for putting its focus in advertising and not privacy which should be the main concern. Google continues to spend more resources in Digital advertising putting privacy protection is the less concerned area. But you definitely have other better options than Google.

If you are seriously looking for a browser with better privacy protection you can migrate from Chrome to Firefox within minutes. 

How is Firefox different from Chrome?

Firefox is an open-source browser which is basically for everyone. Mozilla is a non-profit parent organization that really does not rely on data from the users.This non-profit foundation works with a dedicated team and its main focus is to render a private and secure browser for its users unlike Chrome. o It comes with wide post-install configuration options for a huge variety of deployments and other purposes.

A standard user will have the most security and privacy upgrades for free. You will have the same browsing experience in Mozilla but there would be less spy on keeping an eye on your activities because Mozilla will actively prevent the websites from tracking your data

So, your decision to switch from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox would be great.

How to Migrate from Chrome to Firefox simply?

If you are looking for more privacy and freedom while you browse, Firefox would be the best option to go for. It also has an extension especially to disorganize Facebook’s shadow-profile making. You can migrate all your Bookmarks, browser history, passwords, and cookies into firefox from chrome and it’s very easy.

Installing Firefox

There are many users who haven’t use Mozilla Firefox before, would just need to download the desktop version of Firefox. Once it is done, just click on the download and install Firefox by pressing on “Yes”.

Import Browser data from Chrome

Firefox, in general, notifies users to import data once you are done installing for the first time.

And even if you have used it before, you need to launch a tool manually. The import Browser Data is located under the “Bookmarks Manager Window”

In order to access the Bookmarks Manager just take the simple process and press on the Library option on the toolbar or simply press Ctrl+Shift+B.

Once it is done, just click on the Import and Backup options. And then choose “Import Data from Another Browser.

The next step is to select Chrome” in the Import Wizard and press on the “Next” option to start importing data from Chrome. Before that make sure all your Chrome windows are shut properly.

As soon as it is done, you will have to choose from the desired data you want to import. Firefox by default can import Chrome’s cookies, Saved Passwords, Browsing History and saved Bookmarks. If you don’t want to copy any specific category you can uncheck it in the box given below.

After that click on ‘Next’ to confirm data import. Now, firefox will import the data and will notify you that it has been imported successfully. 

How to Download your Add-ons?

All the import data doesn’t include your add-ons and you have seen to that. So the extensions that used to work well in Chrome may not work with the same proficiency in Firefox. You better start fetching similar extensions in the Firefox Add-ons gallery and then install those add-ons by self.

And if the extension you had, is developed by Big companies, then there is a huge chance that the extension made for Chrome has a similar version for Firefox. Smaller free extensions may not work with both the browsers, but there are Add-ons that will do your job without a doubt.

How to Sync your Firefox Browser data between computers?

Firefox is a very efficient browser that comes with its own browser-sync feature. This can keep data in sync accross multiple computers, laptops or phones.

For checking the sync-settings in Firefox just press on the Menu > Options and then Firefox Account. Before syncing don’t forget to sign in with Firefox.

You have the privilege to sign in with the same Firefox account on all your devices and Firefox makes sure that the data will be inter-synced automatically. Once your Firefox Set Up is completed, it will sync all your preferences to all other devices you have.

Wrapping Things Up

Our discussion on How to Migrate from Chrome to Firefox: A User Guide comes to an end here. Users who are looking for privacy over any other concern can switch to Firefox without even thinking twice and Firefox has its own options for organizing. If you are a core user you can modify the appearance of the whole browser and even change Themes according to your choice.