Top 8 Secret Facebook Features You Didn’t Know About

Facebook has never failed to surprise us by constantly keeping us engaged with its launch of new features almost every or alternative month.

 It is the largest social media platform in the world with more than 2.41 billion users and it has always offered us a lot and kept us happily contained.

Many of you have been using this social media for years now and there are many who almost stay active throughout the day due to the nature of their job or for personal use. But many have failed to discover the hidden feature that Facebook has and is always staring at you.

We all do the generic things like scrawling down posts on the wall, liking stories and photos, chatting with friends, updating photos and posts, going through news and articles, play games, run campaigns, run an online store, following your favorite people and take part in events. These are the most common things that we all do, but leaving apart these, have you tried to explore Facebook and have a deep insight. 

If you want to turn on your interests and explore what is the stuff just keep going through the article.

An insight on Facebook with 8 features you didn’t know about.

I bet you would definitely try out new features after exploring with us. These functions are just a few clicks away and those who already have figured out these features and functions before, just check if we have discovered it right. Don’t panic because it is neither illegal nor are you hacking. So just keep your calm and keep following us.

1. Check if someone else has access to your account

Some of you might know this and some may not. If you want to know whether someone else has access to your account or not, Go to the Setting Page and go to “Where You’re Logged In”

Once you open it all your active facebook logins from other desktop or mobile would instantly show up. You will get the location, device and browser information. If something turns out to be suspicious, you can stop the activities by click on “End activity” from specific or all devices

It will also remind you of your past activity or even if you had logged in from other devices and forgot to log out.

2. Download Entire data from your facebook

This is one of the features that could help you in the future if somehow your account loses data or any unusual activity takes place. Facebook has offered you the right to have a copy of your complete Facebook data like image, videos, your texts, comments on posts and there are several others.

  Just Go to “Settings” and then click on “Access your Information” text and a window will appear with a “ Download Your Information ” section.

You can request copies of the data you want to save and can uncheck any specific data you don’t want to copy.

Now once you have selected what to keep and whatnot, you have to click a Blue Button inscribed with Create File option.

By clicking this, all the information you wanted will be copied and saved.

3. You can make a personalized supersize post

Yes, you always had the option to create a personalized blog post on Facebook.  It’s totally cool if you weren’t aware of this. We will tell you how to do it. Those who write blogs or articles can also showcase your content here and spread it among all.

Just go to to make your masterpiece. Click on the  “+ Write a Note” button link in the top right corner of the window.

Now write whatever you desire and put a cover image if you like. You will be given options to save it and publish later if it takes more time or you want to continue later.

4. Prioritize what matters on your Facebook Feed

You may have thousands of friends on Facebook, despite being so active, you may still miss a few posts of your friends. No one could get through loads of feeds that take place but Facebook offers you to customize and keep what matters to you on the top of your feed so that when you go through it, all of your beloved friends and families post show up.

Go to the News Feed option and click “Edit Preferences “ and then move on to select the “Prioritize what to see first “ option and select from your friends and stuff that you want to show at the top.

5. Setting up a Facebook Legacy Contact

Have you heard about a social media platform updating your posts, photos and accepting requests on behalf of you in your absence?

Yes, Facebook has a  Your Legacy Contact option in the “Manage Account” field.

If you want someone to take over your account and continue the legacy, you can choose this option and the rest will be taken care of by Facebook.

Go to Settings > General > Manage Account > Then Edit

Once you find the Legacy Contact tab, select the friend you want to control your account.

6. Boost your Facebook Security

We all know that the Internet is full of data thieves and hackers and who knows if they are onto you. If you want you can add an extra layer of security to facebook by creating Log-In Approval

Opting for Log In Approval –

Once you allow your Facebook to open on new browsers, it will need a special code for login which will be sent to your phone.

To enable this go to “Settings > Security and then LoginAlerts

After this step, Facebook will check your phone’s authenticity by sending a code to your phone

So, if your Facebook account is hacked by someone, or if your friend wants to log in from the browser, facebook will first confirm it from you.

7.  Send and Receive Money

I am very sure that only a few have explored this option. And the rest who are unaware of Facebook’s Send and Recieve options, stick to the points.

If you want to send money to your family member or friends, you don’t have to wait for traditional bank transfers, you can do it in Facebook messenger app.

Your debit card number should be added to your account

Credit and Debit cards, Paypal and Direct debit (online banking ), are the available payment mode from Messenger App.

8. Recreating the Moments that you miss

Going to a party or a pub with friends, or attending a family occasion is fun, but leaving your phone behind or showing up with zero charge in your phone is not fun at all.

This decade has made us Selfie specialist whether it is a groupie or an individual one. No one wants to have a bad evening.

So, if you are left out with the responsibility of the camera person in the house, you can secretly sync photos, so no one is actually left out and you get too see the photos later and cherish the moments.


I hope 8 Secret Facebook Features you didn’t know about is not secret anymore. 

Now when you know it all, try to use this features on your own Facebook account and enjoy the features which others are unaware of, or you could also impress your friends by showing some of the features.


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