MacOS Latest Version: Best MacOS Catalina Features

MacOS Latest Version is just around the corner. This time it has come all prepared with a jaw-dropping interface and cool features. MacOS Catalina will be released at the end of the year 2019.

There is no doubt about the fact that just like all other operating systems by Apple, MacOS Catalina will be a hit of this year. 

Today we will discuss all the new and awesome features offered by Catalina and how it is going to make a difference. But at first, let me introduce you to the new beast of the Mac series and then we will talk about the features.

MacOS Catalina – Overview

Released during Apple’s 2019 WWDC keynote in June, the company released its next version of the operating system series. And this time Apple has put a lot of effort into making the macOS Catalina one of a kind.

I can feel that you are eager to know more about this operating system and your head is bursting with several questions. 

Well, hang in there as in this blog I am going to answer all your questions. So let’s start one by one

What New in MacOS Catalina?

We all know that Apple introduces some new features when they release a new operating system. This time also there is no difference.

Some of the highlighted changes include splitting up iTunes, Sidecar and Find my app (available for both people and device). Apart from this, there are a lot more cool features that Apple has to offer.

MacOS: Features on Focus

Now that you have an idea of MacOS Latest Version, therefore let’s not waste any more time and discuss the awesome features offered by the operating system.

iTunes Gets Split Up

This is a biggie. In this new version of MacOS iTunes is no longer present. Instead, it got divided into separate apps for music, videos, and podcasts. 

It might take some time to get used to this new change but the good part is all the options and internal app functions are the same as before.

Screen Time is Here

Screen Time is a great application to manage time. If you like to keep an eye on the apps you love the most then I think you might have used Screen Time. 

Here comes the good news for you. With this new macOS, Apple has introduced Screen Time for all the mac devices. 

Screen time will help you to identify how much time you are spending on an application and you can see where all your time is being wasted.  

Notes and Reminders got Upgraded

With every upgrade of macOS, there arrives updates for different applications. 

So this upgrade has brought some major changes in Notes and Reminders. 

Notes got a Gallery View and new options for search and collaboration.

Reminders got a new look and feel that will help you to easily create, track and organize whatever you are writing.

Multitasking with Sidecar

Now, this is a brand new feature that Apple has introduced in macOS Catalina. This feature is mainly for the users of the iPad.

With Sidecar, you can use your iPad as a wireless secondary display. You can work side by side on your desktop screen and tablet screen by just splitting up the two screens.

Sidecar will also allow you to use a linked iPad as a graphics tablet on Mac apps.

Voice Control

This feature has mainly focused on the users who do not know how to use a desktop properly.

Apple has introduced a new advanced voice recognition technology. With this, you can literary control every program and function on your system without even touching the controller.

From selecting apps to performing differently in-app functions you just say it and it will be done.


Security and Privacy

Apple is renowned for its security and privacy features. macOS Catalina is also no exception. 

The new operating system runs a regular scan on every file on your system and keeps you updated about the functionality of your system. 

A new application called FindMyApp will allow you to locate your device if it gets stolen from you. 

Now, very apps and files will require an explicit permission before they get installed. 

In the End…

We all are very much excited about the new MacOS Catalina. And all these new features level-up our expectations from this operating system. Apple is a company that never disappoints users and always delivers the best.

After discussing the new features you will also agree with me on the fact that MacOS Catalina will set new benchmark in the market of Operating Systems. 

I hope this blog has helped you in gathering information about the latest features of macOS Catalina. Now, all we have to do is to wait for the legend to come.