Wondering why iMac running slow? Need to Know these things

Mac machines are not supposed to be reluctant as technology advances. Though Mac machines are generally said to be faster than other PCs.

Similarly, Mac has also started acting up with various symptoms such as screen freezing while opening an app, the mouse cursor becoming numb, taking longer time to boot e.t.c.

Like you thousands have been facing the same issues and definitely, there is an urgent need to fix this as soon as possible. If you have been also wondering why is iMac running slow, then you can try the below steps to run your iMac Fast.

But before that, it would be better to know the reason why is your iMac running very slow.

Why is your iMac running slow?

There could be a few possibilities due to which Mac can slow down from time to time. It could be excessive use of background application, or maybe due to lack of hard-disk space, or might need an upgrade.

1. Mac running slow due to low hard-drive space

Having a low spaced hard-drive or running out of space can crash your system or could also prevent the application form functioning properly. The problem here is macOS continuously swaps memory to disk especially for configuration with low RAM.

How to speed up Mac by creating more hard-drive space

  • Optimizing the storage 
  • Store your files in Clouds to free hard-drive space
  • Customize auto-deletion of trash files
  • Cut down all the clutters to speed up your Macbook Pro/iMac

2. Heavy-running application in the background

Despite one of the best in the market iMac slows down with time. The heavy applications that you have running in the background stay in the process. They take most of the machine usage and drain your system eventually.

You can troubleshoot your Mac with the Activity Monitor if you know how to do it yourself or you can also take the help who can do your laptop repair.  They will better know and supports the machine by knowing where the system,’s resources are being assigned.

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3. Due to late Hardware upgrades

This is one of the main reasons due to which your iMac running slow. Monitoring and maintaining your Mac hardware is extremely essential. Always make sure that you upgrade your hardware on time to avoid your system getting slow.

You can also use the system management controller (SMC) to manage all the internal factors such as the functioning of the fan, lights in your system, display and of course the system performance.

These are most of all the major factors due to which your iMac running slow. To avoid reluctance and boost up your machine performance follow the guide given below.

How to boost up your iMac performance?

Now that you have to know the few possible reasons due to which your iMac running very slow, what should you do next?

There are a few steps by which you can get prevent your iMac from slowing down. 

  • Outdated Mac OS

The performance of your system entirely depends on Mac’s operating system. This is an unavoidable update. It is very obvious that an older version of the OS could slow down your PC eventually, that is the reason having the latest version of Mac OS is very essential to keep your system fully functional.

  • Speed up the start-Up process

While you turn on your iMac, a lot of elements start loading up in the background. One of the main reasons for your iMac slowing down. Make sure you cut down all the unnecessary applications or programs running in the background while you are starting your system.

  • Softwares running out-of-date

Keeping your Mac up-to-date is very important in order to get the most out of your Mac. These small software updates can help you with different issues such as fixing a bug, stabilizing the battery life, advanced security patches and there could be much more useful stuff that your Mac might need to run smooth and fast. Check available updates regularly in the App Store toolbar to keep your Mac as fast as possible.

  • Eliminate unnecessary & unused applications

This could be a small yet efficient trick to accelerate your MAC overall performance. Delete every application that you have in your system, but now you think is unnecessary and have not been in use for months. To delete any unused application you can head to Finder> Go> Applications. The application folder will appear on your screen and then you know what to keep and what to flush out.

  • Remove outdated caches and temporary files

Deleting the caches is another potential method to boost up your MacBook Pro/iMac performance. Cache files are just temporary data that lies in your system hard-drive to speed up a few common processes that you perform. Over time the temporary files and caches take too much space in the hard-drive and it can cause your system to slow down. User cache can take up to 70% of the junk files on your system. So erasing the caches becomes elementary after a few months of continuous using.

To eliminate all your caches and temporary files head to the Finder and select Go. Then select Library from the “Go” drop-down menu. From here you can easily locate the caches folder and then delete it manually.

All the 5 steps that you have come across can help you to get out of the severe iMac slowing down issue, if it can be properly done. If it seems too hard for you to do it by yourself, you have a choice to turn up to a professional laptop repair service.

A proficient laptop repair agent ensures the ultimate solution, whatever the issue is especially if your Macbook Pro/iMac is slowing down.

Coming down to the conclusion 

Hope you have learned what could be the cause of your Mac slowing down vigorously. Apart from that, you have also being guided with 5 potential steps to speed up your Mac performance and prevent it from slowing down.