Turn Off Tablet Mode Windows 10 Beta: Microsoft disables

One of the largest multinational tech giant Microsoft has recently rolled out an update where it has disabled automatic tablet mode in the latest Windows 10 Beta version. They always had a tablet mode for 2-in-1 Windows 10 PCs for too long but now it is no longer the same.

Well, Microsoft has never stopped exciting us ever since it came into existence. We all know that it is said to be one of the largest software company which was found by Bill Gates and Paul Allen back in 1975 in New Mexico.

In view of the latest insider 18970 beta discharge, Windows 10 will never enter tablet mode automatically when you displace or remove the keyboard. Microsoft says, that “the tablet mode is still present but it will not transform anymore.

This tablet mode is more likely to be replaced by a touch-friendly desktop environment. Windows will automatically authorize this new desktop” tablet experience. The finger-friendly square tile integration is still available and if you want to opt for the tablet mode, you have to do it manually. And this desktop is likely to become more efficient on a touch screen.

The interface will definitely change but into a more subtle one. And the new build is going to bring more features like elaborated space between taskbar icons, a collaboration of taskbar search into a single icon and there are many others to speak about.

Experience of the New Beta version

PCs of Windows 10 has a full-screen experience in the tablet mode. Now, if you want to shift to the tablet mode manually by pressing the tile in Action Center or automatically, your application will turn into fullscreen mode. You can use other applications side-by-side but you o longer would be able to interact with the desktop. 

The start menu of your PC will be replaced with Windows 8 style start screen in full-screen mode. You will not anymore see the taskbar icons because it will disappear and you have to utilize the Task View to navigate between the windows which are open. The taskbar will not even have the Notification icons anymore.

Microsoft wrote in a Windows Blog that Users who want to use the tablet mode will” this new feature will let you stay in the familiar desktop experience without interruption”. They didn’t make the way of operation entirely different, they just came with the better touch-friendly desktop.

How Microsoft will come up with a better Desktop user experience?

To make the desktop experience better and easy to use with touch, the taskbar icon is kept apart. The most interesting thing is that just a Button in the taskbar will replace the Search box and the File explorer toggles to a more touch-friendly layout.

 Microsoft has just started evolving the PC touch experience and it will definitely get better over the years.

The Touch keyboard will pop up automatically when you tap on a text and this will make it very convenient and fast to type in the touchscreen keyboard. The software giant is supposed to launch a Core OS a Windows 10 OS designed specifically for touch-centric devices. The Core OS will be released with a more visual and touch-friendly interface like the existing tablet mode.

This new mode will be available only for convertible 2-in-1 PCs, Microsoft said. Not only this but if the Windows 10 tablets can’t be able to convert itself into PCs, it will have the old version of the Windows 8 era-style touch interface.

The Core OS has the potential to become the choice for the next generation customer-oriented devices. It will have a better interface for users and will come with other important features as well.

Now, we will show you how to turn off tablet mode in Windows 10

Steps to disable Automatically Switch to Tablet mode in Windows 10

If you had a problem disabling this mode, then please follow the guidelines and try it manually on your own and check if it works.

    1. Click on the Settings icon in the taskbar
    2. Now click on All Settings
    3. Then just go to the System
    4. When System setting pops up, click on Tablet Mode
    5. In the right-hand tab, you have to locate Automatically switch to tablet mode under the “When I sign In” category.
    6. Now just tap on it, to open the “Go to Desktop” option if you want to toggle to desktop while you are signing in 
    7. Or you can also choose ”Remember what I used last”

I hope these steps are crystal clear to you, as it is a very easy process. 

The way Microsoft plan releases and updates, it seems that they will release the new Tablet mode with Windows 10 20H1 probably around the month of April 2020.


I hope this article about How Microsoft disabled the Automatic Tablet Mode in Windows 10 has helped to know better about the latest update. And for your benefit, we have detailed down the steps to disable automatic tablet mode. Microsoft is already planning to launch the new feature in mid-2020. Just keep your patience and wait for this dynamic feature.