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It has been found through statistics that around 63% children admit that they know the procedure of hiding their online activities from their parents. Previously, less tech-savvy patents allow their kids to use their computers for playing video games and writing school reports on their own without any worries.

Norton Antivirus

However, with the internet being used on a very wide scale these days, it has become important for parents to catch up with their children on the technical front and inform them about the issues that can be faced with browsing the internet unsafely and without any security.

Setting Up Norton Parental Control

There are great dangers that come from the use of the internet to children of all ages and from different angles while they are using their computers.

Child safety is one of the biggest issues these days but the world of the internet comes with special challenges that can enrage or fluster mature adults. The parental control feature in Norton antivirus is one way of defining the limits for the online world of the kids.

The parental control available on Norton helps parents in choosing the programs that they want their children to run and the types of websites that they want their children to access. There are a number of steps that need to be followed in installing and setting up parental control on Norton.

Parental Control for Norton is a Breakthrough

There is just one account recognized by Norton Internet Security and Norton Parental Control and that is the Supervisor account. This is the account that allows the individual using it to make some master changes on how the kid-safe and online security control settings are configured.

Norton Parental Control

Parental control available for Norton Antivirus is a true breakthrough in the sense that it comes in the form of one of the most effective solutions for guarding children online. It is a tool specifically designed for helping empower the parents in keeping their kids safe while using the internet and teaching them good internet precautions and habits.

The parental control for Norton goes one step beyond competing for the family suites for offering options and tools that can give parents the best and the most useful insight into the online activities of their children. Some of the most exclusive features of parental control for Norton include:

Smartphone Monitoring for iPhone and Android

Parental control for Norton allows parents to have a clear understanding of the way their children are using their smartphones and mobile devices.

Parents get the ability to monitor the entire browsing history of a mobile and see the sites that their children have access. They also get the ability to block the unsuitable sites or the sites they do not want their kids to use.

Web Monitoring Features along with Blocking for Computers

This feature allows parents to have full access to the browsing histories using Norton security. Then there is the time limit feature that can help parents in curbing the bad online habits of their wards while supporting non-computer activities and improved skills in studies.

Norton Family Security

Users can easily establish time limits for limiting internet activity for one day or for providing online access only during certain days or times of the week.

Norton Parental Control surely paves the way for a better online experience both for the children and their parents.


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