Why LTE Not Working?

Are you worried about your LTE not working? Has it stopped functioning all of a sudden?  Do not worry! In this post, I will guide you with some mind-boggling fixes that you can try out for sure before dialing the customer support line of your cell’s carrier.  

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that 4G and LTE are usually bundled collectively by suppliers. LTE decreases speed of what most of the “true 4G” does. Hence, if you are seeing in your standing bar the 4G icon in place of 4G LTE, this does not imply a worse connection. Instead, it is the opposite.

For instance, if you are moving to a giant metropolis, your community might require true 4G speeds and capabilities. Hence, no repair is detracting. However, if your connection goes down to 3G or disappearance of LTE occurs in familiar places, there is a chance that the error may be in your cellphone or network. Here are the ways if LTE is incapable of functioning on your phone. 

Check Signal Strength of your Phone

Firstly, do check the signal icon on your phone’s status bar. This is to check if your phone has weak, unstable or no signal status. For weak signal zones, you can change your location and try again. 

  • Weak 2G/3G signal: 0-2 bars si the signal strength.
  • Weak 4G signal: 4G icon’s up and down arrows do not light on. 

Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

It happens at times the most obvious solution is reliable the most. One of the vital things you should try is turning on and off your mode of aircraft. You can do this by dragging down the notification bar and clicking on the airplane icon. Also, you can do this via Settings.

The route might differ a bit depending on your phone manufacturer and Android version. However, the simple process is going to Settings> Wireless and networks> Airplane mode. Just switch it on few seconds and wait and again switch it off.  Doing so the LTE not working problems disappear many times. 

Reboot the Device

If the above hack did not solve your problem, you can go for rebooting or restarting your device. All you need is to hold down your smartphone’s on/off button and tap on Restart. Wait for few seconds and turn it on again. In addition, check the status icon, and also the speed of your LTE network connection. You can execute this by opening some sites or downloading a few small applications.

Ensure the Correct Mode of Network is Enabled

There are possible three types of connections on the basis of your smartphone and provider. They are- 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and LTE. Generally, it happens that your device tries to connect to the fastest network available. But if have made some modifications or installed an update recently, you may require to fix it manually. Here are the steps:

  • First, go to settings and tap on ‘The mobile network’.
  • Next, choose the ‘Network Mode’ and a pop-up list will appear with preferred modes.
  • Then, hit on the ‘auto or LTE option’.

Turn Off your SIM Card and Modify it

If none of the above solutions have solved your problem, it may happen that the fault lies in poorly placing of your sim card. Eject it and get it placed carefully in the drawer.  Also, be careful while installing it back to your phone. When you are done, your LTE network should return to normal.

Ensure you are Using the Correct Slot for your SIM Card 

Some dual SIM card phones support LTE in any one of the two SIM slots available. If you have wrongly placed the SIM cards, this can lead to the non-functioning of LTE. Try to place the SIM card to the alternate slot.

Reconfigure your Network Settings

If all the above solutions fail, then try taking a slight drastic step. Reconfigure/Reset the settings of your network. Follow the steps below:

  • First of all, go to ‘surroundings’ and search for ‘Reset’ or ‘Backup reset’ option. Tap on it.
  • Next, tap in the option of ‘Network settings reset’. You should note that in this step all your network settings are deleted such as WI-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices which are paired, and so on. Once you are sure to continue, tap on ‘Reset settings’.
  • Additionally, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code if you have any. On doing this and confirming your network settings will reset accordingly.

After doing this, wait for some time and you can see a new network settings automatically retrieved by your phone. If nothing results, old reboot is always a better option. But this should result in getting your LTE connection back to normal. Also, the Factory reset is an alternate option but do not go back to it unless you have tried the other steps first. 

Reach Out to your Cellular Provider

If you have tried all possible means on the list but still struggling to solve your problem, it is high time to contact your mobile provider. You can dial the customer support numbers and get rid of your problem. Additionally, you can do this on social media too.

Check your Phone’s Hardware Problems

It may happen that a connection problem may arise due to damaged or defective hardware. Try to contact the manufacturer or the provider of your smartphone from whom you have purchased the same. Do not forget to make a backup before submitting your phone to them because most replacement takes a reasonable time.    

Ending Note

These were some tips and hacks for repairing your LTE connection. I hope I have succeeded in helping you solve your problem. The tricks mentioned in this post will assist you in clearing up your difficulty with LTE not working