Is Google Chrome Safe? Know The 3 Reasons

Google is a magical world of the Internet for us, It is not only about visiting web pages, apart from this generic use Google has other features that you could make good use of.

Google has unbind an enhanced tool for password security named as Password Checkup. This is to let users know if their account password has been hacked or not. Google introduced this tool in the month of February 2019.

Initially, Google made it available as an optional extension for the Chrome browser and now it is being planned to integrate this tool in the Default browser.

9 to 5 Google reported recently, that Google is positive thinking to detect Password Checkup’s leak by incorporating it directly into chrome.

Let’s look into how will work

The chromium Bug tracker is a website to disclose how the upcoming feature is supposed to work in Chrome. The report says the browser will send an encrypted version of username to the Password Checkup module. And in return, the Password checkup tool will send an encrypted version of leaked usernames and passwords equivalent to the searched username and passwords.

After that, the device will use the result to analyze whether the username/password is compromised or not and Google makes sure, that this information will not be tracked or saved by Google.

Is Google Chrome SAFE?

Yes, it is safe until and unless you know how to keep it safe and co-operate with Google.

If you integrate the Password checkup tool into Chrome, it will give you access to the passwords which your Google account is in sync with. You always trust Google with your sensitive data and passwords, and Google’s Password Checkup absolutely makes sure that your sensitive data doesn’t get compromised by accessing Google’s server to check it faster.

Although it will be a default feature, its completely up to you if you want to use it or not.

If you don’t want to go with this built-in feature that Google offers, you could just disable it whenever you like.

According to reports, Google is supposed to bring in the tool with Google Chrome version 78 which is going to surface by the end of October, this year.

Apart from this special built-in feature Google’s has other features which many are not aware of

and these features surely can make your life easy

Special features that Chrome Browser offers

When it comes to Google, it has never left us irritated or unimpressed by the way it operates.

Google has many features that common users are rarely aware of and who knows, these features may blow your mind.

3 Features You must see once

1. Casting Your Screen 

Google is deeply concerned about integrating Face First into Google Cast Eco-system and the casting is built in the latest updates of Chrome.

In order to try it out, Go to Google Chrome browser and keep your cursor anywhere and right-click it to come up with a cast window 


You can click on the hamburger icon which is located on the top right corner of the screen, and a pull-down menu will show up, Then choose ‘Cast’ option from there.

And if you want to choose the cast in individual tab or cast your entire desktop, just click on the top-left side of the new pop up window.

You can also choose from which device you want to cast to.

2. Stop being Tracked by Google

Maybe this is new to some or many of you may know what is the use of Incognito Mode. But I have often heard people not knowing about Incognito mode and it’s use.

In simple terms, it is just a Private Window in Chrome which doesn’t let Google track your search or browsing history.

You can basically use incognito mode so that the server can’t keep a track of your browsing data and won’t be able to store browser cookies. It’s up to you if you want others to know your private searches or other activities.

To open an Incognito Window on your screen, just right click on the Google Chrome icon and when you see the” New Incognito Mode” option, just click it and your private window will come up.

3. Search Inside sites by the help of Omnibox

You have the privilege to make a direct search if you want. 

Let’s suppose,you want to land directly on a “Tesla” article inside the Wikipedia without visiting or Wiki’s first page

In this case, First, go to Settings >Search Engine and then Manage Search Engines

Your default search engine will appear as well as other sites that you frequently visit.

So, if you want to go to selective results directly by a single click, just click on “Add under Manage Search Engines and add the desired site’s URL.

The next time you type Wiki in the Omnibox, a prompt will pop up on the right-hand side asking you to “press tab” to make a search within the site.

Once you have finished this step, a “Wikipedia” written in Blue on the left side will appear. Now if you type your query here, Google will search only within Wikipedia.

Wrapping things up : 

Google gives the best ever a reason to use Google Chrome and this claim they made is probably right. With all the special features Google offers, using Chrome could be a very bright idea.

Our discussion on the perfect usage of special features in Google chrome ends here.