Google shutting down the Google Hire Tool in 2020

Google launched one of its G-Suite tools Google Hire on 18th July 2017. It is been only 2 years since Google Hire has been in use and now Google announced that it will shut down the Google Hire tool on 1st September 2020.Google adds another product to Google Graveyard.

There are several other products on Google that have been dumped in past years. Few of them are Social Network Google+ and email app inbox and now Google Hire will be the new one to join the team.

Applications of Google Hire

Google Hire is an applicant tracking system. It was mainly developed for small and medium scale companies and enterprises. G-Hire was brought to the scene after Google acquired Bebop for $ 380million in 2015.

The main goal was to distribute jobs. It also used to identify, bring in candidates and manage relations with them in order to dynamically manage the interview process.

Google Hire made the hiring process very simple and efficient.

Google Hire was made available to companies using G-Suite in the U.S. A, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It was easy to work integrating with G-suite things like searching for applicants, planning for the interview rounds and even give feedback.

Hire started receiving positive reviews from HR professionals the day it was launched and moreover It had many useful built-in features that really worked out and help HR and even candidates to sort out their Job.

Why is Google Hire No longer be in use?

Back in 2017 after launching Google Hire, it also came up with “Google For Jobs” which used to filter third-party job listings based on search criteria you set, implying others to make tools that would help candidates find jobs. But this turned out to be a bad decision for Google as European Union filed an anti-trust complaint against Google for being on both sides of the demand and supply chain.

The sudden decision of shutting down Google Hire in 2020 may appear confusing to many as Google hasn’t come up with anything specific as in why are they shutting it down but this could add another view of why it is shutting down Google Hire. 

According to Google, the tool which once used to solve problems is no longer successful and keeping it live would burn their resources. So instead, Google planned to spend its resources on other Google products in Google Cloud Portfolio.

In addition, Google mentioned that it is not going to bring any new feature in Google Hire but the existing users can use the tool until its sunset date in September 2020. A small friendly gesture was made by Google saying, it won’t charge users for using Google Hire after their next bill.

Despite having a good scope in the future for serving online recruitment, as it is a big marketplace. As Google is involved in most of the big thinks in the market, it seems Google is letting it go and let other companies make their way through.

Google came up with a few details on the Google Hire shut down process in its support site.

We have made a gist of the exaggeration

  • Google Hire can be used by existing users until September 1, 2020.
  • G-suite customers won’t be charged for using the Hire tool after their next bill 
  • Users could export data if needed until the end date/
  • Google can terminate contracts with zero penalty effective today.
  • It will not add any new features in Google Hire.
  • Few pre-planned features which were not released will be eliminated shortly
  • And this will not affect G-suite agreements.

Google has continuously emerged with new, useful and efficient tools and products for years which really helped individuals and a lot of businesses. Google’s impact is always felt worldwide. And I hope Google’s decisiveness has kept it running and successful for years.

Last impression

We have seriously discussed why and when Google’s going to shut down Google Hire.

Despite of Google not coming up with any specifics on why it is to be shut down, we have deduced why this decision was taken.

So, let’s just roll with Google’s decision of shutting down Google Hire tool in 2020. Who knows what Google with come up with in the future to astonish us.