Know How To Configure Parental Control in Bitdefender

Bought Bitdefender? Don’t know how to install it? How to change the settings in the parental control panel?? Not to worry, you are on the right page. The article will provide you with the necessary guidelines to solve the problem. Moreover, if you are stuck while in configure parental control in Bitdefender, please go through the stepwise direction carefully, your issue will be resolved asap.

Why Bitdefender?bitdefender

Bitdefender is an antivirus which comes with parental control for your kids and the protection of your system from malware attack.

-The anti-virus software restricts your children accession to the internet.

-It blocks the adult content on the internet and malicious content which are not suitable for your children to watch.

-Bitdefender has time management limit. it will control your child from using the internet excessively.

-Easy to install can be done in windows, mac, iOS etc.

-Web and application control

-Easy to install

These are the advantages to use Bitdefender with parental controls. Kids nowadays are very stubborn. and excess using of the internet might affect their academic career. If you want to keep track of your child’s searching then Bitdefender is the best option.

How to configure parental control in Bitdefender

Already bought the software but don’t know how to install it? Here is the compact solution. If you want to install it on your kid’s computer or on your own Android phone, you will get the solution. ¬†watch out the steps carefully:

Configuring Bitdefender parental control on Pc

Installing Bitdefender, the parental control of antivirus software is easy. if you don’t know how to install it, don’t worry. Follow the easy guide carefully to install the antivirus in your system without any hassle.

  • click on the installer file and setup wizard to install it
  • Now connect your pc with the Bitdefender account

Configuring Bitdefender parental control on Android

To install the antivirus in your android phone, follow the steps down below to check what your kid is sharing on the internet and how long he is spending time. To install:

  • Login to your Bitdefender account
  • Go to parental control
  • Select install on a new device
  • Another web page will open and select install

Configure Parental Control in Bitdefender

Learn how to restrict internet to kids using Bitdefender

When you are done with installing, there are some changes that you have to make.

  • Open browser from your phone and goto the official site of Bitdefender.
  • Click on a parental control
  • Select your child’s account
  • Now click on the web activity window
  • Select the time as per as you want your kid to access the internet.
  • to change the time limitations, you can click on the reset icon.


Was our article useful enough? Also, let us know whether you were able to configure parental control in Bitdefender antivirus. If you are stuck with anything, comment down below. Also, describe the problem that you are encountering and write it down in our comment box. We will ensure you with a worthy solution.


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